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Crystal's Senior Services Blog
Saturday, 27 February 2016
Hysterectomy Consequences

Have you or someone you know had an experience with vaginal bleeding long after a Hysterectomy?  

 Articles and Information:

A Health Central.com article listed a plea from a women who had a complete Historectomy over 20 years and is now experincing vaginal bleeding and pain. 

A Med Help.org article: A women had a Historectomy 12 years ago and is now experiencing vaginal bleeding. 

Hyster Sisters.com Article delves into how and why spotting and bleeding is possible long after a complete Hysterectomy.

The first piece of advice is: If you are experiencing heavy or bright red bleeding GO TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM IMMEDIATELY! Each situation is unique. Don't panic, some reasons for spotting or bleeding maybe vaginal dryness or insufficient hormone replacement therapy during or after menopause. It is important to get an answer to the question WHY from your doctor or a specailist. YOU are the one and only YOU.


For more information the link to the article is listed below: 


Posted by crystalsseniorservices at 4:46 PM EST
Saturday, 21 May 2011
Aging Baby Boomers
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Topic: What's Important to you?

As I watch the world change, sometimes, it makes me feel as if I am aging more rapidly than I feel I am.  Does that make sense to you?  Most days I don't feel much different than I did in my youth.  I am shocked at the shear of number grey hairs which I still count daily.  That alone is becoming a loosing battle due to time constraints.  I guess, I just do not feel like the person I see in the mirror.  Therefore it has been difficult to start and plan for my untimate retirement and old age. I would tend to start and stop.  Refusing to face the reality in my mirror.  Now I have completed the planning process.  I feel relieved.  But that person in the mirror is still not who I feel I am.  Have you ever felt this way?


As we baby boomers age gracefully, we are confronted with a changing world. As our Rolling Stones age and our time honored traditions fade away, what is your main concern for your future?  Do you like this "new" changing world or would you like to go back to the "simpler" or more "predictable" times of our aging grandparents and greatgrands?

Posted by crystalsseniorservices at 4:16 PM EDT
Sunday, 12 September 2010
What's your favorite quick and healthy recipe
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Topic: Share Your Favorite
Share your recipe for that favorite quick and healthy dish that gets complements every time.  Share the quick and healthy dish you enjoy preparing.  Quick is always better, but if you feel your recipe is worth the time and trouble share it and check back for reivews.

Posted by crystalsseniorservices at 4:30 AM EDT

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